Myopia Control

What is Myopia?

Myopia, also commonly referred to as short-sightedness, is a common eye condition
which causes blurred distance vision.

Myopia in children

Research shows that myopia is occurring earlier in life, and is commonly first diagnosed in primary school.

  • As the child’s eyes grow and their myopia increases, the dependency on glasses increases
  • This can reduce the ability of children to participate actively in sports and other activities.
  • Increasing myopia can lead to serious eye health problems in the future.

Slowing the progression of myopia

Slowing the progression of myopia is important to reduce the potential risk of developing high myopia and its associated conditions later in life (including glaucoma, retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration.

There are several management options available to slow progression of myopia. These include specialty contact lenses, spectacle lenses and therapeutic eye drops. We have experience in all modes of treatment, and we will recommend a method which best suits your child and their lifestyle.

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